An interesting city is an international city

Welcome to the Guggenheim Helsinki website. This is a compilation of information about the Guggenheim Helsinki project and how the proposed museum would affect the cultural life, attractiveness, vitality, tourism and economy of Helsinki.

The purpose of the website is to offer a basis for public debate about the terms and conditions on which a Guggenheim museum could be established in Helsinki and how that museum could benefit Helsinki and Finland.

This is not an official website of the Guggenheim Foundation; it is maintained by the Finnish communications consultancy Miltton at the request of the Guggenheim Foundation.

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A lunch date with the Guggenheim

A vibrant urban culture arises when people and ideas meet. The urban culture, art and interesting architecture make Helsinki unique. Guggenheim Helsinki wants to be an attractive living room and a year-round center for culture for city dwellers, and participate in developing Helsinki to an inspiring metropolis where the most

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